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Practical tools, tips, and insights for Small Group Leaders.

Life in ministry can be incredibly rewarding and incredibly hard all at the same time. Here’s a few thoughts and ideas to help keep your eyes on Jesus, and keep your heart from drying up.

We’re all on a journey. Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way.

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Actions and Consequences

“Eventually, you will lose your game of Russian Roulette.” It seems that nearly every week another prominent individual is fired from their position because of something done in secret.  Although their positions, stories, and circumstances vary, they share three very important similarities. They did something in private hoping it would never be discovered. They did

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3 Reasons You Need to Watch the Clock

“Keeping watch on the clock is a good habit that helps build consistency and trust within the group.” During your Small Group gathering each week, keep these three time-management tips in mind: 1. Starting It is rare when everyone in the group arrives on time, but starting on time (regardless of the latecomers) is important

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The Pit Doesn’t Last Forever

“He was patient during my bitter doubts knowing that eventually His power and purpose would unfold.” I didn’t always have such a fond opinion of Psalm 40.  In December of 2005 I wrote out the first verses of this Psalm in a journal.  I included some skeptical, critical, and angry thoughts about how I doubted

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How to Navigate Discussion

“If you are not careful to keep your hands on the controls, there are several in your group who are ready and willing to chart a new course.” Every Small Group is filled with a variety different types of people.  Even people with much in common usually have wildly different characteristics – especially when it

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